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Welcome to Dr. Jeffrey Sepulveda’s website. I am a healthcare professional currently licensed in Puerto Rico who has a doctorate in naturopathic medicine (also called doctorate in naturopathy) identified by the letters N.D. (which stand for Naturopathic Doctor). My doctorate is accredited in the United States and its territories, and in Canada by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and by Puerto Rico’s Department of Health. My doctorate in naturopathic medicine is from Bastyr University, one of the most prestigious naturopathic medical schools in North America, which is located in Kenmore, Washington (*).

As a healthcare professional dedicated to the practice of naturopathic medicine, my commitment is to offer to my patients natural ways to achieve optimum health and prevent disease. To those who already have a medical condition affecting them, I offer holistic (integrated) and individualized treatments based on effective and safe natural therapies. Both the medical evaluation and treatment are carried out in accordance with the fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine. My objective is to identify and remove the root cause of the patient’s health condition, whenever that is possible.

The treatments that I offer to my patients may be exclusively naturopathic (which is called alternative medicine), or it may be in addition to the conventional treatment that the patient is currently receiving (which is called complementary medicine). With respect to a complementary treatment offered to a patient, I carefully choose one that does not interfere with the effectiveness of the conventional medical treatment that the patient is receiving, and that will not produce serious interactions with it.

You are welcome to explore my Website, and learn more about what is naturopathic medicine, what is a naturopathic doctor, what type of academic and clinical training he or she receives, what is the difference between a naturopathic doctor and a licensed naturopath, and how naturopathic medicine can help you to optimize your health and well being.

Jeffrey Sepúlveda, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

(*) If you wish to verify the accreditation of my doctorate, access the U.S. Department of Education website and under the heading “Name of Institution” enter “Bastyr University” and select the “Search” option located on the left side at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, select the line that says “Bastyr University” in the city of Kenmore, Washington, and you will see all of Bastyr’s accredited programs, including the doctorate in naturopathy, identified as “Naturopathy (NATUR)”.

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Naturopathic Doctor

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