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Benefits from an Appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor

Experts in Natural Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are experts in natural medicine who additionally have studied and understand the methodology and language of conventional medicine.

Identify the Root Cause of a Health Problem

Naturopathic doctors try their best to identify and remove, whenever possible, the root cause of the health condition of their patients.

Holistic Treatment

Naturopathic medicine treats each person in a holistic (integrated) way, taking into consideration physical, mental, environmental, social and spiritual factors that may be harmful or beneficial to their health.

Individualized Medicine

Naturopathic medicine recognizes that we are all different. Given this, a good treatment for a health condition in a specific patient is not necessarily the best one to treat another patient (in fact, that same treatment may be harmful to the second patient). For this reason, naturopathic medicine offers individualized medicine, adapted to the needs and specific health risks of each patient.

Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine emphasizes the prevention of disease instead of waiting for a patient to get sick and then treating them. Prevention goes hand in hand with educating patients regarding lifestyle changes that will reduce their health risks.

Optimization of Health, Energy and Well Being

To naturopathic medicine, disease prevention and treatment are not the only important aspects of its practice. Optimizing the patient’s health, energy and general well being is considered very important as well.

Alternative Medicine

People who may benefit from alternative naturopathic treatments include:

Complementary Medicine

It is important to recognize that naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals make important contributions that improve the health of our society. To this respect, the most important thing for the health of a patient is to receive the most appropriate treatment for their medical condition, whether this treatment is naturopathic, conventional, or a combination of both (as frequently happens). It is equally important to have the knowledge, training and experience to know when to treat the patient with naturopathic medicine exclusively, and when it is necessary to refer him or her to another healthcare professional (such as a medical doctor, a chiropractor, a psychologist, etc.). Additionally, it is of utmost importance to have the knowledge and care to prevent naturopathic treatments from interfering with conventional therapies or medications that the patient may be using.

Time Spent with Patients

One of the most frequent complaints that patients have is that conventional doctors don’t spend enough time with them. Spending a significant amount of time to hear the patient’s story, to review their previous medical records, laboratory tests and other studies, and to analyze the case carefully is something necessary to help us identify and remove the root cause of their medical condition (if this is possible). It is equally important to spend time educating patients about preventive medicine. In order to achieve all of this, appointments with Dr. Sepúlveda usually last one hour (unless it is a straight forward health problem). An exception to this is the first appointment of cancer patients, which lasts 2 hours.  

Second Opinion

The education in conventional medicine that naturopathic doctors receive together with their extensive training in natural medicine enables them to advise their patients on whether there is a natural treatment that can be used to treat their medical condition, or if they should treat their condition with conventional medicine, or with a combination of both (complementary medicine).

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